Your Bandwidth and the Matrix of Success — Part One

Grid Horizon Sunset

It took us a while to recognize that the work we do with our clients isn’t just about process and procedures, and that we have a gift for helping leadership make the paradigmatic shifts necessary to unlock massive capability. In themselves and in their teams. The changes tend to fall into the areas of expanding people’s Bandwidth, revealing their Blind Spots and changing their limiting Beliefs about what’s possible for their organization.


Let’s look at Bandwidth first

We all have a natural bandwidth that determines the limits of our capacity and we get used to operating at or below that level. But what happens when we expand our bandwidth so that we are in a state of continually learning, growing and evolving? The mathematics behind the concept mean we can perform at ever greater levels of awareness that go beyond strategy and into the realm of continually opening to possibility and fulfillment for ourselves and our businesses.

You’ve probably noticed that while you yourself are focused on continually increasing your own bandwidth, your team and your employees haven’t embraced the idea with the same fervour. They don’t all get that there is a choice point facing them between the standard solution for a problem that has come up before…and thinking outside the box to devise a better one. They can use the tools they’ve always had at their disposal to generate greater profitability…or develop new ones. The idea is to look at the issues they’re facing from an entirely new perspective and come up with something unexpected. And better.


Stretching Our Bandwidth

The paradigm shift here is about continually stretching their bandwidth so they can gracefully adapt to changing conditions. Most people need help with this shift, by the way. It’s almost impossible to recognize what our limitations are without an outsider’s perspective urging us to ask ourselves better questions. We all tend to operate at the limit of our bandwidth, so if we want to continue getting better results, we need to continually stretch our bandwidth, by moving out of our comfort zone and into the growth zone. Light-Core has tools and techniques for helping our clients embrace the process so that they get ever greater results.

And, of course, there’s no down side to stretching our bandwidth – the systems and strategies that worked for 50 or more years are relatively useless today anyway. People have nothing to lose. And plenty to gain.


We’ll talk a little more in our next blog about how that relates to managing in a VUCA (Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous) world. In the meantime, if you’d like to find out how Light-Core can help your organization, I invite you to get in touch.

We excel at helping businesses navigate change.

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Sharon Gilmour-Glover seems to have had two distinct careers; one as an environmental educator and one as a business consultant. But there is a common thread. Both are about helping people become aware of, unlock, and express their full potential. Sharon is the educator behind Clarity for Leaders and is the co-founder of Light-Core.

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