The Light Core Story

As far back as 1993, Light-Core founders Tim Glover and Sharon Gilmour-Glover began researching new ways of thinking about creating competitive and innovative organizations that mixed the art and science of strategic, holistic and behavioural-based approaches.

While the economy stumbled in 2001, they launched Jump-Point — a pioneering consultancy focused on business model change in disruptive environments. Since then, the founders have worked with dozens of organizations of all sizes and thousands of people to build and sustain profitable growth while remaining profitable. In 2014, Jump-Point became Light-Core and expanded globally to help business leaders embrace barriers and challenges to create sustained performance and improvement in tumultuous times.


Light-Core Co-Founders and Chief Officers

Tim Smiling in Chair - July 2015 IMG_1973 - CopyTim Glover – CEO and President

As a CA, CMA and corporate strategist, Tim Glover fine-tunes and simplifies the opportunities and challenges of profit, growth and innovation for businesses operating in the new economy.

Tim specializes in identifying an organization’s core strengths and mapping them to the best opportunities in today’s marketplace. Through his work as CFO and General Manager of three Fortune 500 companies, Tim learned to translate the fundamentals of business into bite-sized, practical chunks. Meanwhile, his “left-brain” careers in advertising, music and art taught Tim to apply innovation, adaptability and creativity in business to take advantage of emerging opportunities. This marriage of right and left brain thinking enables Tim to help businesses and people transform in accordance with their unique needs, desires and performance aspirations. Tim brings 30 years’ of experience to entrepreneurial and corporate clients in a variety of industries.


SharonwebSharon Gilmour-Glover – Chief Implementation Officer

Sharon is an experienced consultant, speaker and adult educator specializing in leadership, strategy and transformational change. She has unique skills as a business strategist leveraging research in human behaviour and organizational dynamics.

With a Bachelor of Education from Brock University, Sharon began teaching business leadership programs based on the work of Stephen Covey. This early experience drove a lifelong interest in human behaviour and organizational dynamics, and finding ways to link them to bottom-line business results. In her work with clients, Sharon simplifies complex and seemingly impossible business problems by providing clients with practical, easy-to-use tools that improve their results exponentially. Like Tim, Sharon has an active interest in music and the arts.


Light-Core Global Team Members

Wissen Solomon GroupWissen Solomon Group

Headquartered in the Philippines, the Wissen Solomon Group is a team of seasoned professionals with solid and deep experience in varying fields of management. Their varied expertise enables them to provide a unique framework for consulting specifically catered to MSMEs operating environment. With their mission to promote growth of Philippine-based small & medium businesses, their goal is to allow these businesses to deliver more value to their customers. Top Left: Mylene Wollboldt, MBA, Top Right: Alex Wollboldt, CMC, CMA, Bottom Left: Gerardo Enginco, CPA, MBA, Bottom Center: Ramon Miguel Abaño, Bottom Right: Ryan Salvanera.