What Our Clients Say About Us

Having seen the “off the charts” results Light-Core is able to deliver it seems most any business could learn from their orientation not only how to increase profit and growth but how to sustain it long term.
— John Chisholm, Partner & CEO, SB Partners

It is a gift indeed to have attained and assimilated the many talents of Sharon and Tim, into our world of business operations. Their insights are rich and meaningful and lend not only to current industry dynamics but to the ever-changing commercial and global landscape…. It’s expertise with a palpable human touch.
— Lisa Walker, Business Manager, S.L. Hunter Speechworks

I have a better understanding of myself and others as a result of working with the Light-Core. Because of this I am proactive instead of reactive which has improved alignment and increased productivity.
— Stacey Duggan, Chief Operating Officer, The Staffing Edge and the Payroll Edge

Your approach brings the perfect blend of professionalism and warmth to make the sessions work so well. The content was timely for the challenges facing us over the coming months and served to reinforce the communication we are trying to achieve.
— Mike Scott, Operations Manager, Unique Gas Products

What Light-Core has done for Cogent is first just made the senior team, the managers, the leaders of the company aware of what’s possible, or the gap between the everyday status quo, and the vision that you say you want to do.
— Cosimo Galletti – Value Stream Leader, Cogent Power Inc.

People being on the same page understanding what’s going on seeing the long term vision and feeling like they’re a part of it is very motivating and it’s very empowering. The way we are communicating and the teamwork that Light-Core has introduced has made us successful.
— Lauryn Solomon Value Stream Leader, Cogent Power Inc.

I think my team is definitely ready to get down to work on next steps….your work with us has been thought provoking and inspirational.
— Kathy Mills, CAO, The Centre for Skills Development Training

I have been thru many of these types of sessions in the past and have gotten used to seeing vague and more idealistic presentations. Your work was a refreshing change from the norm. We have discussed and used some of the tools we took away from the session already.
— Marcus White, Program Manager, Christie Digital

“Having worked with a number of consultants and trainers what impressed me the most about the Light-Core is how they fully engaged our entire team and presented the information in a way that everyone “got it!”
— Iain Leithead, Development Consultant, CMHA Halton

As a result of the sales training with Jump-Point my attitude has shifted to be much more positive and I am seeing the results not only with prospects and clients but at home too.
— Jerry Dueck, Sales, Nexcap