Spring is a Time of New Beginnings

Sharon at EXCELerate2017

In our corner of the world, spring is the time of new beginnings. Lambs are born. Spring bulbs poke their way up through cold ground and the remnants of winter’s snow. The sun warms up and people walk with a spring in their step. It is the perfect time to get out to some great events, mingle with interesting and engaging people and get a boost of energy!

At the beginning of May, we traveled to Vancouver, B.C. to participate in GroYourBiz’s bi-annual conference, EXCELerate2017. I was honoured and very excited to speak at the conference about the “Upside of Crazy”. In our deeply connected world, we are all impacted by mega-trends, and at the conference I talked about how to win when your world turns upside down. VUCA is impacting all of us and to win, we need to think differently.

We need to make different choices.

We need to BE different.

We need to learn to use our big energy to head straight into the chaos and come out with opportunities.


At my “Meet the Expert” session, my goal was to have people leave feeling empowered and energized, feeling like they have a new way of making sense of crazy so they can harness it to make the most of it.

Here are several key points that I discussed at the EXCELerate2017 conference:

  • Much of the logic, assumptions and methodology we use – unconsciously and consciously – to drive success are best suited to a relatively stable and predictable world.
  • We don’t live in that world any more. VUCA is like living in a constant storm. There is a huge amount of energy available to us, and so therefore, a huge amount of potential opportunity, if we can embrace it.
  • To thrive in VUCA we need new logic, new business navigation tools, new business execution tools and new personal navigation tools.
  • VUCA environments are always in flux. Therefore, we have to be prepared to be fluid and adaptive and not lose sight of where we’re going. The logic can seem like nonsense until we work with it for a while and then it comes to make a new kind of sense.
  • When we are able to accept that our world is a bit crazy and upside down, that it is just our reality right now, then we can learn to manage our own energy, move into the heart of crazy and come out with new opportunities.


Ultimately, the most important point to take-away is this:

Because of the dynamic nature of VUCA, we need navigation tools for our external and internal worlds that help us to use our emotions and energy to find paths to new opportunities in VUCA that would otherwise be unseen.


If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”    – Lewis Carroll


Entrepreneurs tend to do this a little more naturally. Professional managers on the other hand, are trained to get a handle on crazy and stabilise it. The VUCA environment presents different kinds of challenges for them. CPA’s in Canada and the U.S. are proactively embracing the challenge of how to adapt their knowledge, skills and experience so they are positioned to help lead in VUCA environments.

At the AICPA conference in June, Tim will be speaking about radical change, why it is happening and how we can learn to align ourselves with it, to lever it and eventually, thrive. We’ll be discussing the main take-aways from Tim’s upcoming speaking event in Las Vegas in our next blog – Stay tuned!

Events are such a great way to keep your own energy up, to fill up your tanks so you can give to others. We’d love to hear your story of an event that really made an impact on you.


Author :

Sharon Gilmour-Glover seems to have had two distinct careers; one as an environmental educator and one as a business consultant. But there is a common thread. Both are about helping people become aware of, unlock, and express their full potential. Sharon is the educator behind Clarity for Leaders and is the co-founder of Light-Core.

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