Our Online Resource: Clarity for Leaders

Decision-makers at all levels of a business need the skills and tools to take ownership of results. Whether you own a business or are a senior leader, manager or front-line employee, you need the ability and resources to “think like an owner,” and take personal responsibility for business results. That’s why we developed Clarity for Leaders.

In addition to providing our full consulting services, we offer Clarity for Leaders — our online support resource for developing leadership and business management skills. It’s not only used by our clients’ leadership teams, it’s available for helping to empower and engage entire organizations.

Developed over the course of a decade of working with businesses ranging in size from $250,000 to $500 million, Clarity for Leaders provides models, tools and approaches used by, and often co-created with, C-class executives, managers, supervisors and front-line employees in sectors ranging from transportation to telecom to professional and financial services.

Clarity for Leaders works. We guarantee it (see below).

Online Program in a Nutshell

Materials are organized into five building key blocks that, when learned together help deliver sustained and profitable growth. Hover over any module title to see an overview.

1. Build a Solid Foundation

  • Current Reality Check
  • Core Values
  • Purpose and Vision
  • Visionary Planning
  • Incremental Planning

2. Improve Profit and Revenue

  • How “Innovation Ready” are You?
  • Know Where You’re Making Money
  • Attracting “Right Fit” Customers
  • Taking it to the Streets: Customer Engagement

3. Create a Culture of Engagement

  • How to Connect to your Passion
  • Harness the Power of Strengths
  • Accountability: Hammer or Fan
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Changed Thinking, Changed Results

4. Cultivate Productive People

  • Improve How You Manage Distractions
  • Tapping into Greatness
  • Increase your Business Horsepower
  • Making Changes that Stick

5. Streamline Operations

  • Communication that gets Results
  • Fearless Decision Making
  • Putting Operational Resources to Work
  • Hiring Smart

What Clarity for Leaders Clients Say

Still not convinced? Take a few moments and listen to what our clients have to say. To understand the impact of learning new ways to lead and manage a business using Light-Core methods, Unique Gas Products and DEC Express are still getting ROI on their investment in these materials more than seven years after actively working with us.

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We know you’re taking a risk purchasing this online program. We know they work, but you don’t yet. To help lift some of the burden of risk, here is our guarantee:

If, within the first 3 months after purchase, you are actively using these materials and not getting the results you need, we will work with you to help you find a solution that delivers results, including refunding some or all of your investment. Simply email us at info@light-core.com. We’ll respond promptly. We promise.