Clarity for Leaders

This self-directed online education resource is perfect for anyone who isn’t interested in opting for a consulting engagement or any businesses we work with that want help spreading a new culture of empowerment among large numbers of employees.

22 Standalone Courses that help equip leaders, managers and even front-line employees with the new skills and personal capacities this new economy demands.  It works and we guarantee it. Learn more about Clarity For Leaders.

Onsite Training for Leadership and New Economy Business Skills:

Our training programs stand the test of time. Every one of our clients has managed to not only survive but thrive through one of the most tumultuous business periods in history. Our training offerings range from one-day standalone events to onsite programs customized to your specific needs. Among the most unique elements in our approach to training is the option to calculate ROI on training efforts going forward. This eliminates one of the biggest barriers for “champions” of training and development — an ability to justify the investment. Our most popular programs include:

1. Strategic Planning that Gets Results:

There is absolutely no point creating strategy that cannot be implemented. While that sounds like common sense, the fact is, most strategic plans are poorly implemented, if they’re implemented at all. You will leave this program with both a strategy and a behaviour-based implementation plan you can put into action immediately.

2. Productive Friction: The Hidden Potential in Difficult Conversations

Most people will do almost anything to avoid conflict. However, when we know how to work productively with conflict, we’re able to harness that friction to spark new ideas, growth and opportunities we would never see otherwise. In this program, you will learn how to use accountability to fan the flames of success, rather than just to penalize under-performance. You will also leave with a framework and methodology that will enable you to harness the hidden potential in “difficult conversations” to drive extraordinary results.

3. Customer Engagement – The Number One Driver of Sustained Profitable Growth:

Every business leader would agree that generating sustained profitable revenue is critically important. Profit and revenue are outcomes. The number one driver of sustained success is customer engagement. Customer engagement is created and sustained by engaged employees. By the end of this program, you will know how to engage all of the people in your business, beginning with you, so they can engage your customers, both internal and external, to create sustained, profitable revenue.

4. Unlocking Business Genius – Unleash the Potential in your Business’ Greatest Asset:

It no longer matters where you are doing business in the world. People, are by far, your greatest asset. And we’re willing to bet, you are not harnessing even 50% of the latent potential in your people. By the end of this program, you’re going to know how to help your people (and yourself) unlock the genius that is deep within each of us and harness that potential to drive outstanding results.

5. Communication that Gets Results:

Have you ever wondered why, when you have taken the time to explain something very clearly, the person listening just doesn’t get it? Miscommunication is probably the biggest driver of waste in any business. By the end of this program, you will understand your own preferred communication style, be able to identify different styles and know how to adjust your message so that you’re consistently heard and understood. You will also leave with 6 powerful and SIMPLE steps that will enable you to put your communication skills to work to solve problems and make more effective decisions.

To learn more about training offerings, please contact:

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Sharon Gilmour-Glover
Alex Araneta, Catalyst360
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Outsourcing Advisory Services:

The playing field of business has changed forever. The game, rules and even players have changed. In the old economy, management was responsible for optimizing performance in every single functional aspect of the business, from HR to Operations to Marketing/Sales and everything in between. In this new economy, functional efficiency does not translate to sustained performance results. In the new economy, holistic management is the only way to create synergy that generates sustained performance results. The best way to achieve that is through collaborative partnering. We can help you identify your sweet spot strengths and outsource the rest — either to a right-fit third-party partner or directly to us.

1. Business Process Outsourcing:

BPO has grown from a primarily cost management strategy to a function that directly contributes to holistic performance improvement. A strategically right-fit third party provider can deliver service in alignment with your sweet spot value proposition, help you realize immediate savings in costs by as much as 50%, increase profitable revenue and contribute to the holistic optimization of your entire value chain.

2. Resource Process/Human Resource Outsourcing:

RPO/HRO focuses on improving recruitment processes as well as the ROI on human capital through optimized training, leadership development and human resource management while assuming the inherent risks in maintaining manpower. While most existing RPO services focus on improving technical competency, we focus on the improvement of technical competency and behavioural capacity in alignment with your values, your organizational aspirations, why your business matters and the playing field that you choose to compete in.

If you are ready to give up the heavy lifting to concentrate on what you do best, contact Richard Sare at our Asian Business Development Office. He’s ready to help.