A 1000% Return on Investment? Are You Kidding Me?

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It took us a while to figure out that the astounding results our clients were getting were not occurring simply because we were experts in theory and impressive in intellect. There was something else at work, something in our leadership approach that was, on the one hand, revolutionary in its implications and, on the other hand, incredibly simple in its process.

We began to look more closely at everything we were doing with our clients and we discovered that the 300-1000% returns on investment they were getting had as much to do with the human potential our approach was unlocking as the hard core processes and strategies we were helping to create and execute.

The programs we develop for our clients today are highly customized and exceedingly discreet.

They are based in the kind of “show-me science” that we ourselves demand of any theory we encounter. And they have unfailingly helped businesses create sustained performance improvements that provide a vastly superior return on investment. One hundred per cent of our clients experience substantial bottom line improvements as a result of our consulting. And, once they have integrated our methods into their own processes, things just keep getting better.

Over the years, we’ve come to realize that our most powerful work with our clients focuses on helping the leadership advance their people’s capabilities in the areas of their Bandwidth, their Blind Spots and their Beliefs.


Bandwidth, Blind Spots and Beliefs

Incremental improvements in each of these areas create dramatic improvements to a company’s bottom line, so much so that the results our clients get tend to soar into the realm of the unbelievable. The work is based on the latest research in the areas of consciousness, leadership development, collaborative culture, and business performance…….and it all revolves around the kinds of personal transformation that allow people to increase their performance and extend beyond their previous capabilities to drive business growth. Match that with the sophisticated business growth processes we help our clients implement and they can’t help outperforming their wildest dreams.

Our methods are simple, clear and relevant.

They require our clients to be open to ways of looking at their business challenges that they haven’t previously considered or acted upon before. Our approach to creating highly profitable businesses is about helping the leadership of a company generate a new paradigm that will support them today, and always, as they work towards achieving their goals. Usually our clients are already ahead of the curve when it comes to visionary thinking. We help them bring the rest of their team along on the ride of their lives.


If you’d like to find out how Light-Core can support your organization to unprecedented returns in the months and years ahead, we invite you to get in touch. 

We excel at helping businesses navigate change.


Author :

Sharon Gilmour-Glover seems to have had two distinct careers; one as an environmental educator and one as a business consultant. But there is a common thread. Both are about helping people become aware of, unlock, and express their full potential. Sharon is the educator behind Clarity for Leaders and is the co-founder of Light-Core.

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