For decades we’ve been guiding clients through powerful transformations that have changed the world.

Now it’s our turn.

Jump-Point is evolving into Light-Core, a global enterprise focused on sustained performance improvement that is forging new trails in the complex quest to thrive in business.

Our Past

In 2001 we launched Jump-Point as Canada’s leading business model change agent. Our clients came from almost every sector of the economy and ranged in size from $250,000 to $500 million…but they all had one thing in common: in order to thrive they had to transform. We called the business Jump-Point because we help people, and the businesses they lead, jump from one level to another.

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

The past few years have seen some alarming changes in the global economy. The onset of the global recession in 2008 generated a plague of negativity that has taken hold throughout the world. Disengagement, burnout, under-performance and poor productivity are rampant. People everywhere, from Canada to Asia, are anxious because of the volatility and uncertainty that permeate their economies. The old paradigm of business success that burned brightly throughout the post-war years has sputtered and died. Few people understand why.

This is where we Excel

 This is where we excel. We’ve mastered how to harness the tremendous potential in volatility and use it to turn challenges and barriers into drivers of sustained success. And we know how to evoke the magic at the heart of your business that will power you forward into unparalleled success today…and for years to come.

Jump-Point is Becoming Light-Core

Light-Core is the natural extension of Jump-Point. It represents our transformation from a small, regional boutique to a global company that serves the world economy in masterful and sensitive ways. We’re engaging with passionate, committed professionals from around the world to provide products and services that help people everywhere learn to fan the flames of their own potential and thrive in today’s challenging and exciting world.

Our own transformation will take time. Over the next several months you’ll see some aspects of our business evolution transpire on the pages of this website. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.


Sharon and Tim